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Our mission is to ensure that the needs, expectations
and well-being of our clients are at the forefront of
everything we do

Premium Care Solutions plan and provide the very best person centred
complex care. Whether you are looking for direct care as a result of injury
or disability, or are looking to commission a complex care provider,
Premium Care Solutions will tailor a package designed just for you

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About Us
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Premium Care Solutions –
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63 Headlands

Welcome to Premium Care Solutions

Our objective is to ensure that the needs, expectations and well-being of our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. We provide the very best, tailored, person centred care package for each and every client. Our aim is to encourage and empower clients and their families to live as independently as possible. No two client’s needs are the same. Our bespoke complex care packages are designed around the needs of each client, including a plan for the future, all delivered by hand-picked support workers who have completed a PCS competency package of training.

About Us
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Amrit Dehal LL.B (Hons)

Managing Director

Amrit is a qualified solicitor with more than 20 years’ post qualification experience. Amrit’s primary responsibilities include overseeing our Personal Health Budget services, care team management, together with supervision and the provision of case management services to our clients.

Jin Garcha

Clinical Director

Jin is an RN with 30 years’ experience ranging from intensive care to specialist complex care. She has extensive knowledge and experience in assessing clients with complex and catastrophic injuries and setting up appropriate care packages to meet their individual requirements. Jin is also an experienced case manager, offering support, assistance and care.

The PCS Team
Professional healthcare

Our hand-picked team of experts include –


Clinical Governance Lead
Clinician with over 20 years’ experience of overseeing clinical issues in complex care.

Operations Manager
Assists with service delivery and securing, establishing and ensuring the smooth implementation of new packages of care.

CQC Registered Manager
A qualified administrator with more than 15 years’ experience, specialising in CQC guidelines compliance.

Head of Business Development
Assists with service delivery and securing new packages of care.

HR Manager
Oversees the PCS HR function.

Training Manager
Provides specialist training tailored to each client and manages training competencies of our staff.

RN Clinical Care Manager
Manage a client’s care package on a day to day basis and is the first point of contact for the client. Responsible for specialist training, particularly relating to children.

RNC Clinical Care Manager and Trainer
Dedicated RNC to manage children’s care packages and is the first point of contact for the client and their family.

Care Manager
Manages a client’s care package on a day to day basis.

Administration & Recruitment Assistant
Manages day to day requirements for PCS our staff and our clients.

Specialist Care
Professional healthcare

Personal Specialist
Health Care

Our Specialisms

We specialise in the provision of care packages for clients with complex care needs including –

• Ventilator dependency
• Spinal cord injury
• Tracheostomy support
• Neuromuscular conditions
• Brain injuries

No two individuals are the same. For that reason, each of our complex care packages are designed around the needs of that client making each package of care unique and person centred. Our aim is to encourage and empower clients, and their families, to live as independently as possible.

Our packages are flexible and designed to provide –

• The client meeting, bonding with and approving their support workers
• A package designed around the client’s family and lifestyle
• Care and support for both children and adults
• Rehabilitation support – back to work, education, training – even holidays
• Ongoing post injury management and support
• Typically 10-24hr, 24/7 Live Out Care, throughout the UK

As part of our tailored service, we provide financial and planning advice with Personal Health Budgets, together with advice with litigation and claims through Personal Injury Solicitors.

Spinal Injuries Association Backup Trust
Arranging Care
Professional healthcare

Arranging Care

Direct Care

Arranging the right person centred complex care can be distressing for both you and your family. PCS have the experience and training support to ensure that the care package you select will be specifically tailored to your needs and expectations. Once eligibility for funding is approved there are three types of Direct Care provision –

Continuing Care – funded by a Clinical Commissioning Group or Local Health Authority
PCS will work with both the client and their Clinical Commissioning Group or Local Health Authority to accurately assess and determine the most appropriate person centred complex care package. This will be presented for authorisation, including full costs and package requirements, often in the form of a tender. Once approved PCS will recruit, train and directly employ the required care worker support.

Direct Payment Care/Personal Health Budget – funds allocated directly to the client’s family

PCS will work directly with you to accurately assess and determine the most appropriate person centred complex care package and support plan. PCS can provide the full range of services necessary to assist you with establishing your care package – from assisting you with the employment of your care workers or, if you prefer, for PCS to employ them ourselves. PCS can also help manage your funding provided directly to you by your local Clinical Commissioning Group or Health Authority.

Compensation Care – funding via compensation payout both pre and post settlement
PCS acting as Case Managers will work in conjunction with your legal advisors and any insurance company that has awarded the compensation package to you. PCS will co-ordinate the most appropriate person centred complex care package for you on behalf of your solicitor or insurance company. PCS will provide the necessary reports to support the specific care that you require.


Care Commissioners

Whether you’re a Local Health Authority, hospital, legal advisor, case manager or a Care Commissioning Group, PCS can help.

Our hand-picked client centred recruitment and PCS Training Programmes are a key part of our tailored person centred complex care services.

PCS not only provide hand-picked support workers, we can also provide co-ordinated Case Management Services and every aspect of Care Management. All of our care managers have with many years’ experience of implementing and overseeing complex care packages in the community.

We train each support worker to work solely with each
client and, unlike many competitors, our dedicated client
rotas ensure both continuity and consistency of support.

Our experience and expertise enables PCS to train our
support workers with complex tasks such as suctioning or
ventilator care. This avoids the need to wait for NHS
support and unnecessary stress and anxiety for clients.

Children’s and Young Person’s Service

PCS’s children’s and young person’s service is overseen by our paediatric clinician Claire Stickley with support from various dedicated children’s and young person’s assistant care managers. Claire has over 20 years’ experience having spent the majority of her professional career working in the NHS in a high dependency ward as a deputy sister looking after very sick and complex children and young persons with the last 5 years spent working with such individuals in the community.

With our in-house experts, PCS are able to provide specialist complex care for children and young people so that they can live independently in their homes. We also provide support for children/young people with complex needs to attend schools, nurseries and after school clubs. Conditions that we can support children/young people with include:
• Respiratory conditions – including invasive/non-invasive ventilation, suctioning (nasopharyngeal and oral)
• Muscular Dystrophy with respiratory distress (SMARD), sleep apnoea
• Tracheostomy care
• Cerebral palsy
• Spinal injury

• Traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury
• Neurological conditions – such as muscular dystrophy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, hydrocephalus, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), epilepsy and seizures
• Genetic disorders – charge syndrome, cleft lip/palate, Angelman syndrome

We are able to work with individuals of all ages. We work closely with the child/young person and their family to help deliver outstanding complex care. This provides the child/young person and family with the peace of mind that their loved one is receiving the best care to ensure they have the best quality of life.

Our care packages are client specific and personalised to the individual. All of our staff working with children/young persons are trained to a high standard by our paediatric clinician. Our training programmes are bespoke to each child/young person to ensure that their staff are appropriately trained and qualified to meet their needs.


PCS Supported
Living Accommodation

63 Headlands

PCS can provide specialist placement care in the heart of Northamptonshire for clients with complex needs including ventilation dependency, spinal cord injury, brain injuries and tetraplegia.

Headlands provides purpose built supported living accommodation adjoining the PCS Head Office in residential Kettering. Situated in its own grounds, with the modern facilities catering for up to five clients in single en-suite accommodation, Headlands provides 24 hour care for clients over 18 and is the perfect transition from hospital to care at home, respite or long term care.

See more under Specialist Care or for no obligation, confidential help and advice call Jin Garcha on 01536 213680

Case Management Services

Utilising our in-house expertise, we are able to assist clients
with their case management needs including –
• The coordination of care and therapy services
• The preparation and implementation of care plans
• Goal planning
• Recruitment, training and supervision of support workers
• Payment and employment law support
• Assistance with claiming welfare benefits
• Family support and client advocacy
• Witness statements, medico-legal reports and court attendance

Personal Health Budgets

We are able to offer direct provision of support services for individuals with Personal Health Budgets. As an organisation that is registered with CQC as a provider of complex continuing care, PCS is able to offer individuals a holistic service that can cater for their needs (whether that is clinical, administrative, training or support).

Professional healthcare


Support Work Opportunities

Realise your true potential by working with one of the best person centred complex care providers in the UK.

We’re always looking for nurses, care managers and support workers to join our growing team.

The difference with PCS is that we provide face to face in-house, hands on PCS Training Programmes that are mandatory and client specific.

We recruit and train locally, throughout the UK, for each client. Having a Diploma in Health and Social Care is a great start but not essential. Remember unlike many competitors our training isn’t remote and outsourced – you’ll get all the training you need working directly with each client and when complete, you’ll get a PCS Competency  Pack. These follow best practice and are signed off by a qualified PCS clinician.

In addition PCS can offer our staff the opportunity to undertake further training and gain qualifications such as NVQs.

As well as excellent rates of pay we also offer:
• A Pension
• Good Attendance Bonus
• Holiday Pay
• Bank Holiday Enhanced Pay
• Paid Training
• Fixed Hour Contracts
• On-going Training and Support
• Promotion and Progression Opportunities

We are not an agency and offer secure employment opportunities with NO Zero Hour Contracts.

It’s easy to apply (with no complicated on-line forms to complete) –
1. SUBMIT your CV to
2. If you’re the person we are looking for we will call you and carry out a 10 minute TELEPHONE SCREENING INTERVIEW
3. The next step is a FACE TO FACE INTERVIEW

Please take a look at our current vacancies.

PCS Training Programmes

A failed care provision can be disastrous to a client’s recovery. That is why bespoke recruitment and client centred PCS Training Programmes are a key part of the service we offer and a key part of why our care packages provide a solid foundation for clients to live independently and achieve their goals.

We can train support workers to carry out complex tasks such as suctioning or ventilator care, thereby allowing clients to live safely in the community and back in their own homes surrounded by family and friends.

Unlike many of our competitors, PCS Training Programmes are face to face, hands on and client specific. We provide practical training by PCS in house clinicians and include observational and classroom tasks.

Our approach provides you and your potential client’s with a number of benefits –
• Involves the client and their family in the development of the staff to work with them and in tailoring the package to meet the client’s needs
• Enables PCS to analyse the client’s situation and requirements in real time
• The client benefits from having staff trained specifically to meet their needs rather than generic training
• Consistency and continuity – staff recruited and trained to work with the one client
• Helps clients feel more confident and enabled, allowing them to have a better quality of life and be more independent
• Many competitors only provide remote, non-hands on training, that is often outsourced

Professional healthcare

C2-C6 incomplete spinal cord injury

‘I am a 23 year old girl with a spinal cord injury. I have been paralysed from my chest down.
My case manager highly recommended PCS and put me in touch with Jin Garcha. With Jin, we discussed hospital discharge and everything that would need to be in place before I could go home. PCS took all the stress away from me by sorting out my care package which is tailored to me with staff that are local to where I live. I want to thank PCS, and Jin, for not just treating me as a client but as a part of a family. In the 2 years I have been with PCS, they have made it possible for me to have as much of an independent life as I can.’

T4 spinal injury

‘I’m 33 and have a T4 spinal injury. I have had care from a couple of different companies before we finally settled on PCS. The background of knowledge that the PCS support workers have, compared to other companies, was one of the main reasons why we chose PCS. They undertake regular updates in competencies and recognise all sorts of signs and symptoms if the client is ever to feel unwell. They aren’t just there for physical support, they are also there for emotional support as well. As a family, we were always reluctant to have carers at home, but with the staff PCS provided, all our fears were alleviated. PCS will always consider your circumstances and will help in any way that they can. I had a huge reluctance to do any physio. With PCS and their knowledge of how important physio is, I now have physio twice a week. If you are looking for a care team that will support and encourage, I would certainly choose PCS.’

C4 spinal injury

‘In January 2017 my Dad suffered a C4 complete spinal injury. Here in Northern Ireland, there is a lack of specialist
spinal injury care providers.
Luckily for us, we came across PCS. I couldn’t imagine how we’d make a care package work through a company in England. However, nothing to PCS was an issue. No barriers in terms of distance or communication were shown. They travelled to our family home to introduce themselves. PCS allowed us from the beginning to be involved in the recruiting of staff. The caring role for Dad involves working within a very close-knit Irish family home and we wanted to ensure that the staff members fitted in just as part of the family. With PCS, this has always been respected and maintained and the staff team we now have are highly respected within our family.
PCS staff brought training equipment from England to our home to provide not only in-house training but also, since the COVID-19 pandemic, training has continued remotely via Zoom with no issues. We feel so much more at ease knowing that PCS provide what I can only describe as the highest standard of training and we feel confident knowing that staff competency is assessed and reviewed regularly.
Our care package is managed by a lead nurse and there are no barriers to our package being managed safely and effectively. With PCS, we have a highly specialist, bespoke care package which provides safe, effective and compassionate care and as a family we want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for all the hard work that PCS do.’

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Our mission is to ensure that the needs, expectations and well-being of our clients are at the forefront of everything we do


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